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Proceed with Caution Online

If you're currently posting your resume on job search websites, be careful about putting too much detailed information on your e-resume. Strike a balance between marketing yourself and maintaining your privacy. NEVER put age, social secuirty number, or home street adress on your e-resume. Instead of listing the specific companies you've worked for, you could instead create a description of the company. If you've worked for Geico in the past, for example, you could write "Fastest Growing Auto Insurer in US" instead of listing the actual company name.

Be sure to ONLY post your electronic resume on password-protected sites. You want to ensure that only legitimate employers have access to your resume.


Job Banks for All Types of Positions

Some of the most popular job-lead banks:

The Riley Guide, http://rileyguide.com/

JobHuntersBible.com, http://www.jobhuntersbible.com/

Monster, http://www.monster.com/

Career Builder, http://www.careerbuilder.com/

Indeed, http://www.indeed.com/

Indeed culls job listings from job boards, newspapers, company career pages and industry associations.

Simply Hired, http://www.simplyhired.com/

If you are registered for Linked In here's an extra perk: Every job listing on Simply Hired has a button you can push to see if anyone in your LinkedIn network is an affiliated with that particular company.

Jobster, http://www.jobster.com/


Vault your Way to Career Success

The VAULT website, http://www.vault.com/index.jsp is a great resource to conduct company and employer research. The site is a mix of free and subscriber-privileged content. They even have a blog called "Pink Slipped: Make your Layoff Pay Off" which is billed as a place which covers the "latest news and job market trends and provides you with the tools and advice you need to get back to work."


Researching Employers Online

Make a list of companies that you are particularly interested in, and then use the corporate websites thoroughly to conduct research. Most sites have a "News" section. It might be titled "Press", "Press Room", "What's New", or "In the News." Get a sense of new projects, initiatives, and developing stories. You may even find out significant new hires or clients that the company has obtained recently. Analyze this information and be prepared to discuss some new areas or projects where you might be able to make a contribution.

Read the mission statement to learn what the organization values and ranks in order of priorities. Utilize this information as you draft your letter of interest and resume. Utlize it in the interview process as well.

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