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(November 2008) Jobfox, a Washington-based job listing company, compiles a monthly list of the professions in greatest demand by recruiters and other employer agents. The Top 25 "hot jobs" are based on a sample of the site's employer activity. Areas in the Top 10 include: Sales Rep/Business Development, Account/Customer Support, Accounting Staff, Counseling/Social Work, Software Design/Development, Administrative Assistant, Networking/System Administration, and Nursing. Advertising and Business Analysis positions have recently moved off the Top 25.


Outlook for 2009-2010

The International Labour Organization predicts that 20 million jobs will disappear in 2009, mostly in the industries of construction, real estate, financial services, and the automotive sector. Reviewing data from previous recessions over the last three decades, we've seen that some industries have fared troubling times better than others. In general, these are: Healthcare, Education, Food and Beverage, Legal, Accounting, and Personal Care.

Career Expert Laurence Shatkin published a book in 2008 titled 150 Best Recession Proof Jobs. Shatkin developed a pool of 180 occupations that are resistant to economic downturn and then sorted them according to their economic rewards (defined as income, job opportunities, and job growth). Mr. Shatkin's website is tremendously helpful. Visit it today to gain a wealth of information to arm you in your job search.

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