Finding Jobs through Word of Mouth

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Finding Jobs through Word of Mouth

It's commonly estimated that over two-thirds of positions are ulitmately filled by word of mouth. If you're currently searching for a new opportunity, you've got to start letting people know about it. Never pre-judge how helpful or unhelpful your contacts might be. Let's say, for example, that you are currently trying to obtain a position as an assistant producer at a television station. It's a position you're qualified for, but nobody seems to be hiring. Let your neighbor, your former teacher, even your dentist know that you are seeking this type of position. While they may not be in a place to help you directly, they might know someone who is. To go even one step further, ask this question directly to your contacts: "Is there anyone you can think of that might be a good person for me to talk to?" Their answer might surprise you!



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