Career Self-Assessment

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Career Self-Assessment

If you're job searching, it's important to do an initial self-assessment to determine your strengths, talents, interests, and skills. To get started, try answering the questions below…

1. What are a couple of areas where your friends and family see you as an expert, or at least as someone who is knowledgeable about the issue?

2. What types of things energize you? Think carefully. What sorts of people are you naturally drawn to? What types of activities hold your interest? What kinds of places do you find the most stimulating or intriguing?

3. What are the skills that you possess? What are you a “natural” at? Try to name 3-5 skills.

4. How do you most enjoy spending your free time? Are there any common themes in these activities?

5. If you could do any job in your life, what would you choose? (Many have a hard time answering this question. If that’s the case for you, write down at least 5 careers that you think you would enjoy.)



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