Where do you Spend 80% of Your Time?

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Where do you Spend 80% of Your Time?

If you are currently job searching, chances are you are spending 80% of your time seeking position on the "Open Market" (websites such as simplyhired.com, idealist.com, monster.com, or the "careers" section of corporate websites). This is what I call a passive job search. You are applying for positions that everyone in the world can see, positions on the Open Market.

Remember, only 20-30% of ALL available positions are in this Open Market. What you really want to tap into is the great positions within the Hidden Market - positions that never make to a company website or a job search engine.

For every 10 hours you spend searching for a position, 7 to 8 of those hours (about 80% of your time) should be focused on networking. Networking takes much more effort than looking online for positions. It requires more energy and homework on your part. It does not immediately lead to a position. However in the long run, networking helps opportunities come to you.



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