Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

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Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

We all experience a certain degree of stress when we're job searching. That stress will be compounded if go for long stretches without feeling like you are accomplishing much of anything. You've applied to several jobs, you've gotten a few interviews, but still no offers.

To combat job search stress, try setting realistic goals for yourself. An example might be: "I'm going to make four networking phone calls today." Or, "I'm going to find three new companies today that align with my interests and values." By setting goals that you know you can achieve, you'll start to get back some of that confidence you may have lost along the way.

Be realistic with timelines. If you've just submitted your resume for a position, remember that the company or organization is likely going to wait and review all applicants at a specified period of time. While it's a good idea to make a follow-up call expressing your interest, you don't want to cross the line and come across as a pushy job-seeker. Ask the company representative for an idea of when they will be selecting initial candidates for interviews. If you don't get a call within that timeframe, you may still be a candidate of interest. Don't cross off the company completely, but definitely move on and start applying for other positions.



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