Practicing Your Pitch

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Practicing Your Pitch

If you've recently been laid off, give yourself two to three days to process your emotional reaction. If you jump into the job search too soon, you may run the rish of allowing others to see your anxiety, distress, and negativity toward your former employer.

After 48 to 72 hours, start practicing your "pitch" to those must trusted within your network (former colleague, mentor, boss, family member, or close friend.) How are you going to express your current situation to others? What will you emphasize about your past experience, your current skillset, and where you'd like to take your life from this point forward?

Some call it an elevator speech, or a "2 minute sell". It's a critical part of the job search process, so give yourself time to develop one that makes an impact and you can mold to your audience. Be compelling. Make someone want to hear more.

Areas you might include in your pitch include:

*The Focus of your Search (Your Job Target)

*How you are distinct from others in your field

*How you have solved problems in the past

*Ways that you might apply your previous experience to a particular type of work



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