Salary Negotiation from A to Z

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Salary Negotiation from A to Z

First, Prepare your Case

Base it on facts which may include some or all of the below items:

  • Your Past Salary History

  • Another salary offer you've received (Be prepared to show proof)

  • Expenses to be incurred due to change in cost of living, relocation expenses, etc.

  • Current factual data from salary survies

  • Your own background and qualifications (be sure to mention unique certifications, training, etc.)

Second, Present your Case

Practice doing this aloud before your interaction with a potential employer. You don't want to stumble with your words or come across as anything but confident.

Remember to...

  • Approach your employer diplomatically, asking them if salary is open to negotiation

  • Convey to the employer that you are truly interested in the job; you're not just salary-shopping

  • Be prepared for the employer to convey the salary is not open to negotiation

Third, Close your Case

Be sure to...

  • Summarize your main points

  • Reiterate how you are going to be an asset to the organization, by increasing revenue, streamlining procedures, increasing publicity, landing grants or additional funding, etc.

  • Remember that in addition to salary, many other things may be open to negotiation, such as start date, relocation expenses being reimbursed, vacation days, administrative assistance, options for benefit plans, and geographic location



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