The Unexpected Job Search Tips

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Practicing Your Pitch

If you've recently been laid off, give yourself two to three days to process your emotional reaction. If you jump into the job search too soon, you may run the rish of allowing others to see your anxiety, distress, and negativity toward your former employer.

After 48 to 72 hours, start practicing your "pitch" to those must trusted within your network (former colleague, mentor, boss, family member, or close friend.) How are you going to express your current situation to others? What will you emphasize about your past experience, your current skillset, and where you'd like to take your life from this point forward?

Some call it an elevator speech, or a "2 minute sell". It's a critical part of the job search process, so give yourself time to develop one that makes an impact and you can mold to your audience. Be compelling. Make someone want to hear more.

Areas you might include in your pitch include:

*The Focus of your Search (Your Job Target)

*How you are distinct from others in your field

*How you have solved problems in the past

*Ways that you might apply your previous experience to a particular type of work


"Honey, we're moving!"

Your spouse has just been informed that in order to stay employed, he or she must relocate. Yo may at first be reluctant to begin the process of searching for employment in unfamiliar territory. Before you begin job searching, try researching your new town or city. Read through a local newspaper online. Look particularly for news of companies that are expanding, news of promotions or transfers (that may create vacancies). Discover organizations that look interesting to you. If you went to college, use your alumni office to obtain information on any fellow alumni that reside in your new place. Establishing contacts ahead of time is key! Research local churches, synagogues, or national organizations that you may be affiliated with may also be useful.


How many times do I have to Interview?

In a good economy, most people can expect to go through at least two or three interviews before they are offered a position. This holds true for people interviewing for positions they are reasonably qualified for, meaning that they meet the minimum qualifications in terms of background and experience. In a down economy, expect that number of interviews to double or triple.


Your Most Sought-After Skills

In a recent national survey of corporate executives, participants were asked for the qualities they look for most in job seekers. Three responses each received about 30% of the vote. They were: Honesty, Enthusiasm, and Verbal Skills. Be prepared to demonstrate how you have developed and exhibited each of these skills in your next interview, no matter what position you are seeking.

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