Move Past Your Fear

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Move Past Your Fear

Many aspects of the job search trigger feelings of fear. We may be fearful of making a change, fearful of having to put ourselves "out there" again, or fearful of how we'll perform in the interview. Many job seekers experience feelings of fear it making that transition from one industry or type of job to another. If you are avoiding action out of fear of failure, you've got to move past it. Do what you're afraid to do.

We were fearful when we first had our training wheels removed, perhaps fearful that first time we boarded an aircraft, or fearful when given a task completely new and foreign to us. Remember the times in your life when you've been afraid of something and done it anyway. You moved past your fear. You did what you were afraid to do.

Try doing little things each day to move past your fear and expand your comfort zone. Make a big decision alone, without calling your supervisor first. Make a phone call you've been putting off. Ask your boss for extra vacation days. Little by little, these actions will build the confidence you need to make your next big decision or action.



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