Cover Letter Checklist

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Cover Letter Checklist


Use the following as a final check before you get ready to finalize and print your cover letter.

­­___ Is your cover letter visually appealing and easy to read?
___ Did you target your cover letter to the industry/position?
___ Does your letter appear balanced on the page?
___ Are you correct in capitalization, verb tense, and punctuation?
___ Is your cover letter grammatically correct and free of typos?
___ Did you use either 11 pt or 12 pt font?

___ Did you include your address, the date, and recipient address?
­­___ Did you address the letter to the person responsible for hiring?
(If you can’t find that information then use “Hiring Committee” or “Hiring Manager”. Do NOT use “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To Whom it May Concern”)
___ Is your opening paragraph 2-5 sentences in length?
___ Did you identify the position that you are applying for?
___ Did you list the source from where you heard about the job?

___ Did you outline your strongest qualifications that match the position requirements?
___ Did you identify the skills and personal qualifications that make you a strong candidate?
___ Did you make reference to your enclosed resume without repeating it verbatim?
___ Have you avoided listing skills and interestes irrelevant to the position?
___ Have you avoided such phrases as "I feel" and "I believe," which tend to weaken and dilute the statements you make about yourself?

__ Did you request action and inform the employer of your next steps?
__ Did you express your appreciation for the reader's time and consideration?
__ Have you signed your name?



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